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Other Careers


Nearly 1,300 physicians serve on GBMC’s medical staff, making it among the largest of any community hospital in the mid-Atlantic region. With its size comes a wealth of clinical knowledge, combined with a collaborative spirit to better understand the medical issues that patients confront on a daily basis. Physicians’ ability to cross-reference information with such a wide variety of colleagues leads to a higher level of medical sophistication and expertise not typically present in a community hospital setting.


As skilled colleagues and intensive collaborators, GBMC leverages administrative expertise to empower both our hospital departments and our patients. Achieving in a multitude of organizational and patient settings, the group represents our vast team of registrars, secretaries, staff assistants, administrative assistants and more.


GBMC’s top business and corporate professionals are true believers in the capabilities of our hospitals. Together, the team keeps the infrastructure, departments and organization healthy. GBMC’s people come from a variety of professional backgrounds, who may work in the corporate office or transition between other locations. Our people recognize their impact on quality care and outcomes, as well as, logistics, new initiatives, and patient successes.

Informational Systems:

Advances in patient care depend upon advances in technology. GBMC’s Information Systems Department provides the technology and information to support the hospital’s daily operation as well as its strategic initiatives. They bring innovative technology to practice and support the hospital’s mission to give the best in patient care, in teaching, and in research.

Support Services/Trade:

GBMC’s support services professionals are invaluable care providers, who deliver critical, compassionate support with superior safety, logistics and customer service. They are an integral part of the hospital caregiving team, who utilize their skills with efficiency across services, laundry, mail room, security, patient escort and transport, food and nutrition, procurement and nursing support services. Our careers help connect the human experience of caregiving to the clinical.

Essential Facts

Size – 270 licensed beds (Acute Care)
Location – Towson, Maryland
Number of Employees – 2,836 (Full-Time)
Number of Privileged Physicians – 1,127


My department is like a family. “Mary Yeakle, Administrative Assistant, Emergency Department, 19 years of service